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Psychological Counseling provides the client the opportunity to understand and address their addiction or mental health issues through various settings.  While participating in therapy the client can move forward both confidently and confidentially.  In doing so they process their issues and concerns in such as way as to alter themselves cognitively and behaviorally so as to better assist in gaining deeper insights into themselves and the changes necessary to resolve and move beyond their concerns.

Clinical Counseling services include:

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Individual Sessions
  • Couples Sessions
  • Family Sessions
  • Group Therapy
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Forensic Therapy is available for those clients within the judicial system (i.e. courts, probation, parole) and seeking therapy for those dysfunctional or deviant behaviors which have created consequence in their lives which has now lead to criminal prosecution.  While in therapy the client may address their specific issues in a confidential setting while being approached respectfully as an individual.  The goal of forensic therapy is to assist the client in a greater understanding of their dysfunctional behavior and methods by which they can alter their lifestyles to become productive in society once again.   

Forensic services include:

  • Forensic Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluations for the courts
  • Sex Offender Specific Evaluations and Risk Assessemnts
  • Violent Offender Specific Evaluations and Risk Assessemtns
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Therapy
  • Forensic Consultation 
Consultative and Educational Services  are available to individuals or groups seeking information, public presentations, staff trainings and seminars.  Additionally consulatations are available for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and legal authorities in a variety of topics such as:

  • Sex Offenders and Sexually Motivated Crimes
  • Dynamics of Sexual Addiction, Pornography, Sexual Deviance and etc.
  • Dynamics of Chemical Dependency, Alcoholism and Addiction
  • Prevention of Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment
  • Stress Management and Personal Performance